Free Pregnancy Tests

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie provides free and accurate pregnancy tests with results in minutes.

Our testing procedure is 100% confidential. If you or someone you know is unsure if they are pregnant and would like to find out for sure in a safe and confidential environment.


At the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie, we provide valuable resources to help you learn all about:

Adoption Abstinence & Abortion alternatives

Labor & Childbirth, Parenting

Pregnancy Care & Prenatal Development

General abortion techniques

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

and more

If you have questions, you are unsure about what your next steps are, or simply trying to help out a friend, we can help!

Private Pregnancy Consultations

Private Pregnancy Consultations

At Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie, we provide free and confidential  pregnancy consultations, including:

Free sonogram services (based on criteria)

One-on-One Support

Abortion alternative education and counseling

Factual information about what to expect when you are expecting and fetal development

Factual information about abortion procedures and potential complications

Practical Assistance

Practical Assistance

Baby clothes

Maternity clothes

Baby equipment (based on availability)


STI Screenings

Free STI Screenings

Chlamydia & Gonorrhea